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We are mainly focusing on the two fields which are driving the customer decisions and demand, sales and marketing and our support and recommendations are always practical. Knowing that these areas demands broad and deep understanding and collaboration help us stay focused and result oriented.
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Sales and marketing must work hand in hand, its not about “us” towards “them” anymore, so being one part of a single organism is essential. Due to this, our sales and marketing related services are bonded to variety of fields from strategies to delivering volume and EBITDA, creating additional value for the company and the consumer/customer, new product development, management and erection of marketing and media strategies and campaigns (ATL and BTL), analysis (KPI, ROI, MROI), market and customer research, penetration plans and targeting for new distribution and sales possibilities.

Its about leveraging deep knowledge of sales and marketing strategies and activities and how they co-interact within company and market with focus on upstream and downstream effects of virtually any decision.

We can help you with:

— Evaluating and developing key growth opportunities to create the path that will achieve the objectives in the shortest period of time

- Optimizing the necessary resources and force to cover most valuable accounts with best cost-effectively

- Evaluate trade, customer and partners to get the right product in the right positions

- Research customer insights and determine marketing approach, value proposition, sales force structure and channels, sales process and strategies that will improve growth opportunities in the market

- Collaborate with principal and retail teams to develop incentives, goals, rewards, reporting, training and coaching to optimize the product penetration on the market

- Develop sales and marketing strategies and operations to sustain the change and continuously improve performance

- Anticipate and proactively minimize the unique transition costs associated with sales force and marketing change

- Growing your teams into a source of competitive advantage, with focus to increase the product value for partners, customers and community.

Unique and targeted sales and marketing strategies are now instrumental to success, nevertheless we are talking about electronics, consumer goods, travel or education.

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