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As a highly specialized marketing and sales firm, we recognize the value of specialized companies and leaders.
We are proud that with our partners we continue to innovate and grow within our industry which enables us to improve our services daily.

Strategic partnerships and service providers help us to reach and complete the tasks even of highly demanding project and companies.

Joining and combining the expertise of our partners will continue to inspire us in our goal to deliver complete solution for our clients.

Our partners

PKK d.o.o.


Cesta na Brdo 45, SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 82003898
F: +386 82003899
E: info@pkk.si

PKK as member of the COMBERA Group provides with a single point of entry into Europe. This means central contracting, invoicing and payment, central management, central multi-country consolidated reporting for the clients’ central team. To make diverse Europe really work on a practical side, following a joint determination of the “rules of the game”, local clients interact with COMBERA GROUP partners on day-to-day local execution. COMBERA GROUP manages local briefing, leveraging and implementing best practice and know-how transfer, controlling of local and total results as well as reaching agreed upon KPIs. We also can mirror our clients’ regional structures.

ST-ART d.o.o.


Reboljeva ulica 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 534 03 15
F: +386 534 03 14
E: info@st-art.si

As a full-service design and printing firm, ST-ART provides many business-to-business services from fair installments, to graphic design to large digital and offset printing, P.O.S. material such as stands, secondary placement materials, gadgets and promotion packs, etc. ST-ART print just about any business form imaginable, but also provide many collateral sales and marketing services to help you grow your business.

Designlicious, Kristina Smodila s.p.


Reševa ulica 3, SI-4000 Kranj
T: +386 41760810
E: kristina@designlicious.si

Kristina and her Designlicious is something which just can’t be overlooked. Nevertheless, you need brand identity, business gifts, food styling or just simple talk with one of the best graphic designers we have the privilege to work with, she is the right address.



Vožarski pot 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 425 52 72
F: +386 1 425 52 71
E: info@armada.si

Armada is a creative design studio specialized in branding. They have a rich history of designing identities and branding, but they are also known for developing concepts and projecting business premises. They like to work with clients who understand that the original idea and design along with experience in planning are of vital importance for recognizable and quality appearance on the market. They transform our clients’ vision, services and brands into ingenious market solutions.

GoFast, Andreja Glavač s.p.


Tabor 161, SI-3304 Tabor
T: +386 40 472 886
E: andreja@gofast.si

Andreja is Certified personal trainer for Persolog model and one of the best coaches we have the privilege to work with. "How to put the right people in the right workplace? How and when to motivate employees? What accelerate and deepen cooperation between and within the team? How to bring communication to a higher level? These are the questions faced by most of the directors and managers on which GoFast is supporting us to answer. Persolog personal model demonstrates the advantages, limitations and potential of the individual. Even more important it is that it shows the direction in which the company develops its employees to reach its max effect and goals. Due to this it has became an indispensable tool that we use in GoBig for all those clients that may need selection procedures for staff development and their potential, and just to raise the climate and the level of communication and performance both within and outside the company.

Spletne storitve, Grega Podbregar s.p.


Volog 19, SI-3341 Šmartno ob Dreti
T: +386 41 856 251
E: grega.podbregar@mojwww.com

Ustvarjamo unikatne, zapomljive in vizualno prijetne podobe.
We are creating unique, catchy, pleasant and effect visual images. For you, we can design and develop corporate images, website designs and online shops.
Our customers say we are creative, responsible, trustworthy and professional above all.
Taking into account all your wishes and ideas, we strive towards perfection, but at the same time, we take care of the recognition and satisfaction of our clients and your customers.