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Who is the Group?

Group is team of companies and unique individuals where their expertiess, energy and motivation has proven indispensable for more or less every project that we do.

We are not fooling ourself that we know everything. Nobody does. When we encounter a challange within our project, we seek assistance and support. But always with the best in class.

What GROUP do?

We connect. We join. We talk. We listen. We laught often. We help create. So that you can grow and become BIG.

Business is made by people with the people. Not with important business cards, expensive cars, nice offices or fancy suits. We understand that your team could be your treasure or curse. But whatever kind or results or change you want to do, you cant do it without people.

They are the strongest and most effective force you have, but only if you do one thing and one thing only.
Put the right person in the right position.

What GrOwFAST do?

Their knowledge and its force will put in action 4 steps so that your company ecosystem can function smoothly.

1. Team and its insight

Team sometimes need the biggest change. Everybody are affraid of change why to do things differently. So we use Persolog to have a deeper look in every team member, his expertise, expectation, desires and fiers.

2. Alighn employee and company expectation

Direction is set by company, but the paddle is in the hand of employees. We alighn the expectaion of the company with the expectation of the employees.

3. Put the right person in the right position.     

Employee will prosper if basic rules are met. One of them is that they must like, what they do. With Persolog insight analysis of the employee you indentify who in the team should be a salesperson, who tehnical expert, who should be the administrator and who should lead.

4. Help them grow and communicate.

Once aligned and satisfied with the role in the company the final step is helping them grow as a team and learn to communicate properly.

You and your employess are invited to check the upcoming events and workshops where you can lear more about Persolog and how to build your team http://www.gofast.si/novice-dogodki

We look forward to working with you!