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Retail world and world of fast moving goods has developed a lot in the last 30 years. Today, retailers expect that manufacturers or distributors play a larger role in developing and implementing a product or category, boosting the sales or reach consumers, existing or new.
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Its not the case if you have a strong brand, no work is needed and vice-versa. In your center of gravity should be consumer, his habits, purchase power, status, his versed, etc.

Understanding about key sales and marketing challenges and approaches in the market is essential.

Down bellow are just few of the questions we usually get from our clients, but their understanding is the foundation of our service:

- How can we (manufacturers or distributors) improve the effectiveness of our internal team together with key account teams to maximize the mutual results (value and volume)?

- What should be the material (documentation, samples, etc) and how presentation should be made, so that our listing inquiry towards the key account is successful?

- How can we monitor and leverage the available data to improve decisions related to sales and marketing strategies, promotional spends, price and product mix?

- On which stores should merchandizing teams focus on during each cycle (period) to achieve max sales results, to be present on top locations and to cover seasonal demands and other factors?

We are not just focusing on sales and marketing issues, but using our partner network and know-how for complete and integrated range of services, helping our clients to address their challenges fully, while providing a competitive advantage.

With us, you will be able to maximize your results through:

- Understanding the power and impact of sales and marketing promotions,

- Improvement of marketing mix by identifying what tactics provide the biggest returns (ROIs) and optimizing the marketing spends,

- Constant monitoring and optimization of merchandising teams to ensure focus on the most profitable customers and products,

- Analyzing sales and marketing data to identify trends and make better decisions,

- Boosting the sales force for co-developing brand and merchandising strategies with retailers,

- Developing new market strategies with growth focus by reaching untapped consumers,

Working in FMCG business for more than a decade our experience spans from;

- sale and marketing strategy development and implementation,

- practical support for product selection, pricing strategy and launch implementation,

- merchandising and promotional activities at the point of sale,

- advice on company management,

- administration support to key accounts and their teams.

CONTACT US TODAY and we will help you optimize your performance, management and sales and marketing activities.
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