02 support and know-how

and analytics

Development of technology enable us, more than ever before, to track customer and consumer behavior through digital and traditional point of sales but especially to influence on that behavior.

Sometimes marketing and sales functions are overwhelmed by endless routine of collection and processing without having connection with the reality of the trade.

Our approach is different and its built on customer as gravity point. We map your customer’s journey, observe their behaviors and focus towards high value or potential of your customer’s which allows immediate interaction.

Our services:

- Capabilities and Strategies

In sales and marketing, product development and customer experience team’s targets are usually not aligned, but fragmented which duplicate sales efforts and effect. We believe that an honest audit within divisions and targets reveals new starting points and boost company strengths that can be leveraged and extended.

- Design, Execution and Analysis

Once plans, targets and ideas are designed, its essential that execution is above expectation. Act, Learn, Act approach as circle is being executed with increased frequency of monitoring the results, reducing costs and boosting the efficiency where learning curve become the norm. We focus on locating and moving against high value target segments and behavioral variables of the customer and buyer.

- Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is a simple exercise fit to purpose. Very often companies compile competing divisions across organization, making a singular customer strategy difficult to achieve. We are focusing on identifying the best path for potential customers and buyers, how to share clear message and offerings that will resonate in sales. We act as strategic advisors to executive leadership, not research analysts delivering a report.


We act as strategic advisors to executive leadership, not research analysts delivering a report.